Seeding / Sodding

Landscape Maintenance in Buffalo, NY

Should you install seed or sod? That is the question. If you want easy-to-maintain grass, sod might be the solution for you. If you prefer all-natural grass grown from seeds, seeding may be perfect for you. The experts at All Seasons Outdoor Care, LLC have all the answers to your questions about seeding and sodding.

Sod is grass that’s been cared for by professionals. If you want sod installed on your property, we can roll it out for you just like a carpet. The installation process is easy and it looks great!

Seeding is an affordable alternative to sodding. The grass grows from planted seeds which takes a little longer to see results compared to sod. Our experts can plant the seeds ourselves to save you time and money from having to do it yourself.

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Overall, seed and sod both look great and will give your landscape a beautiful, healthy looking appearance. Call us today to learn more about our seeding and sodding options or to schedule your service.

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